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Water Safety and Wearing of Life Jackets
is fundamental to saving lives.

Recreation Fatalities sheet shows the breakdown of these events at USACE waterways across the United States from 1998-2019

GAME (5th grade and up) – River Engineering On The Missouri:
This interactive game allows you to be in control of the Missouri River management while trying to balance all the different needs and authorized purposes for the water.

Play The Game!

Adult Water Safety Short Videos:
Someone at Home is Waiting for You
Retrieval Done Right, Knot Wrong
Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

Kids Activities Website
This site provides a series of cartoons about water safety, has downloadable coloring sheets, and has an interactive game that allows kids to move boats through a river lock system.

Bobber Paddling Work Sheet:

Lake Guard APP:
The Corps has also created an interactive APP called Lake Guard that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  It allows players to guard their lake from unprepared and unsafe boaters as hazardous conditions continue to overrun the area.

Apple App Store

Google Play